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Heart Healthy Smile Newsletter

14 Days To A Heart-Healthy Smile

February 12, 2024

Valentine’s Day is nearly here! As a last-minute gift to yourself, show some love to your smile and your heart will thank you. Did you know that research suggests that a healthy smile is intertwined with a healthy heart? By committing to these simple steps, not only can you improve your oral health, but you’ll also be supporting your heart health. Join us on a two-week journey to a healthier, happier you!

Day 1: Kickstart Success

Begin your two-week transformation by dedicating two minutes each morning and night to brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste. This simple step sets the tone for improved oral hygiene and a brighter smile.

Day 3: Introduce Daily Flossing

Continue building new oral hygiene habits by integrating flossing into your daily routine. There are many different flossing products to choose from. Not a fan of traditional string floss? Consider using floss picks or water flossers that make cleaning between your teeth an easier task.

Day 6: Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water every day is an essential part of overall wellbeing. Not only does drinking water promote a healthy mouth environment, but it may also reduce your risk for heart disease. Your body’s muscles, especially your heart, function best when they are well hydrated.

Day 9: Mindful Snacking

Swap one sugary snack or beverage a day for a nutritious alternative like fruits and vegetables. These choices can still satisfy your cravings for a sweet or crunchy treat, with the added benefit of boosting your overall health. Crunchy fruits and vegetables can also help prevent stain build-up on teeth to support a brighter smile.

Heart Healthy Smile Newsletter

Day 12: Movement Matters

Include some heart-pumping exercise in your new routine. Did you know that exercise benefits your heart and may help reduce your risk of gum disease too? Regular exercise lowers the amount of inflammation in your body, including your gums! Just remember to consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Day 14: Celebrate Self-Care

At the end of your two-week journey, take a moment to appreciate the love you’ve shown yourself through these healthier habits. Remember that good oral health is linked to heart health, and the importance of maintaining these habits for a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic gestures for others, but this year, shift your focus to self-love and self-care. By dedicating just a few minutes each day to oral hygiene and mindful choices, you can boost both your wellbeing and overall health.