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About Dr. Lauren Asp

June 20, 2017

Midwest Dental is introducing Dr. Lauren Asp to the Cedar Rapids community. Dr. Asp joined the Midwest Dental office located on 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids in January 2017.

Dentistry runs in Dr. Asp’s family – her father and sister are both dentists – but initially she planned on doing something different. “I went to college and majored in business and psychology,” Dr. Asp said. “I was planning to get a PhD in psychology.”

After receiving her undergraduate degree, Dr. Asp began working in the psychology field. “I had a moment where I realized I really love to work with and help people, but it wasn’t quite the right thing for me,” she said. At the suggestion of her father and sister, she began dental assisting to see if it may be a better fit. She then decided to go back to school to get her dental degree. Dr. Asp attended Marquette University School of Dentistry, where she graduated fourth in her class.

Dr. Asp often finds that her psychology background helps her be a compassionate dentist because she understands the complex feelings many people experience in regards to dental appointments. “Dental anxiety is one of our biggest challenges,” she said. “But I know setting aside time for those patients who have anxiety about visiting the dentist is so important. My team and I want to make sure people are comfortable.”

Making patients comfortable is a top priority for Midwest Dental. This can mean anything from adjusting their chair position to answering all the questions they have up front. “Patients with dental anxiety often assume their experience is going to be uncomfortable, but with our team I think they find their experience is very different,” Dr. Asp said.

Midwest Dental Cedar Rapids is open Monday through Friday. Dr. Asp and the Midwest Dental team are now accepting new patients. They can be reached at (319) 362-1262 or online at midwest-dental.com/cedarrapids.