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Don’t Let Teeth Sensitivity Put a Damper on Your Summer Plans

Don’t Let Teeth Sensitivity Put a Damper on Your Summer Plans

July 30, 2019

Summer is in full swing and there is still so much of it to enjoy. Picnics in the park, swimming outdoors and ice-cold beverages and treats to help beat the August heat. But sensitive teeth can make those cold summer treats a literal pain to eat.

If the thought of an ice cream cone on a hot day causes you to wince, you’re likely part of the sensitive-teeth club.

Here are some tips to help minimize the sensitivity so you can enjoy your summer to the fullest:

Practice good oral hygiene
Yes, that means following your dentist’s or parent’s advice to brush your teeth twice a day, gently, with a soft-bristled brush. This removes food and particles from your teeth without harming your gums or enamel and helps prevent bacteria from growing, which can turn into tartar (yuck). Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every three months!

Use a desensitizing toothpaste
These products were designed to help minimize painful sensitivity in teeth (to hot and cold) with regular use. Ask your dentist if it is right for you.

Limit acidic foods and beverages
This includes foods and drinks made with citrus fruits, tomatoes (the marinara sauce on your pasta or pizza) and soda. The acid in these items can aggravate already sensitive teeth.

Don’t Let Teeth Sensitivity Put a Damper on Your Summer Plans

Forgo teeth-whitening products
Some people may be sensitive to whitening products. It is best to talk to your dentist before beginning any whitening treatment. She or he can share the options that are best for you.

Avoid teeth grinding
Many people are unaware they grind their teeth because it occurs while they’re sleeping. If you think you grind your teeth at night, there are ways to prevent it. Talk with your dentist to find out which option is best for you.

Visit your dentist regularly
Regular dental checkups are important in maintaining a healthy, happy mouth and to help identify potential problems that cause teeth sensitivity and treat them in their early stages.

We hope you enjoy the rest of summer!