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About Dr. Kyle Wissler

October 31, 2018

Midwest Dental is introducing Dr. Kyle Wissler to the Shrewsbury community. Dr. Wissler joined the Midwest Dental office located at 7313 Watson Rd. in July of this year.

Dr. Wissler grew up in Bloomington, IL. Although he will always consider that area his home, St. Louis has been an area of interest. “I was always in the St. Louis area growing up,” he said. “Whether it was concerts, festivals, or just hanging out. My friends and I would venture to St. Louis quite frequently and I really grew to love it.”

After graduating from high school, he attended Drake University in Des Moines, IA. There he earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. After receiving his degree, Dr. Wissler wanted to find a career path that fit his interests. “I knew I wanted to choose a career in which I could help people while still pursuing my love for science,” he explained. “I decided to shadow my hometown dentist, physician, and a local surgeon to see what each was like.

During his time working with his dentist, his interest peaked. “Everything really took off from there. He was a great teacher and watching the work he did and how he interacted with patients one on one was really a turning point for me,” Dr. Wissler said.

From there on out Dr. Wissler followed his newfound dream of becoming a dentist. He headed back to his Illinois roots for dental school where he attended Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. After receiving his dental degree, Dr. Wissler pursued another dream and he finally made the move to St. Louis where he and his wife, Brittany now live.

For Dr. Wissler, dentistry has allowed him the opportunity to tap into a few of his passions, like doing things hands-on and taking care of people. But he also has a creative side, and in his free time he uses woodworking as a creative outlet. “Since I was 13 years old my brother and I would find scrap wood in the construction areas near our home and we would build things together with it,” he said. That eventually turned into a hobby for him. He and his wife even tackle projects together. Some of their homemade creations include coffee tables, a shoe rack, and even a cat perch for their cat, Snow.

Dr. Wissler is very excited to get acclimated to the St. Louis area. He and his wife, Brittany really enjoy checking out all the awesome barbeque restaurants that the area has to offer. “One of my favorite parts of trying out new family-owned places around here, is that welcoming feeling you get when you walk in,” Dr. Wissler said. “You’re treated like you have been going there for years. That’s something I also plan to incorporate into our dental office. I want everyone to feel a warm, welcome atmosphere as soon as they walk through the door.”