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About Dr. Matthew Fry

October 8, 2018

Midwest Dental is introducing Dr. Matthew Fry to the Chatfield community. Dr. Fry joined the Midwest Dental office located at 431 Main Street North in July 2018.

Dr. Fry was born and raised in Kansas. Growing up and living in the Midwest is something that Dr. Fry is proud of and he is looking forward to continuing his life here in Chatfield.

Dr. Fry attended Baker University where he studied and received his undergraduate degree in Biology. He had a love for science but also discovered his goal was really to find something in which he could help people and make an impact on them. That’s where dentistry came in.

Growing up, Dr. Fry’s friend’s dad was a dentist. “I really admired that he was such active member of the community. He would work during the day as a dentist at his practice in town and would coach our baseball team at night,” Dr. Fry explained. “Watching him make the impact that he did on our local area really inspired me.”

This is one of the main reasons Dr. Fry chose dentistry as his path. “I love being able to help people as a dentist. I am really looking forward to the chance to make an impact on the Chatfield community not only as a dentist but also as an active member and leader in the community,” he said.

Dr. Fry attended the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Dentistry where he received his dental degree. Being a dentist has really opened his eyes to how much someone’s smile can have an impact on them. “I have met so many patients in this area who really understand the benefit of having good oral health and it excites me because I get to help them achieve it,” he said.

Aside from his passion for dentistry, Dr. Fry and his wife, Abby love to spend time outdoors and are really looking forward to exploring all that Minnesota has to offer. They are already making quite a bit of progress! So far they have had the chance to take a trip to the North Shore, kayak on the Root River, and bike on some paths in Lanesboro.  Dr. Fry hopes his patients will continue to tell him about other great things to do in the area.