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About Dr. Tucker Smith

September 26, 2017

Midwest Dental is introducing Dr. Tucker Smith to the Waunakee community. Dr. Smith joined the Midwest Dental office located at 5898 Woodland Drive in Waunakee in July 2017.

For Dr. Smith, dentistry is a lot like the sports teams he grew up with. Since he was young, Dr. Smith has been an avid sports fan and player. Growing up in DeKalb, IL he played almost every sport you can think of. He went on to play soccer during his time as an undergrad at Carthage College in Kenosha. He feels that team player spirit has translated well into him being a dentist.

“It’s surprising the relationships you build with your dentist,” Dr. Smith said. “You really have to work as a team to keep and maintain a healthy mouth.”

Dr. Smith discovered this career path was right for him after taking some time to chat with a family friend who is a dentist. “I really loved science and wanted to use that along with my passion for helping people,” he said. “Listening to my family friend talk about why he loved being a dentist helped solidify it being the right fit for me. He talked about how every day is different and every day you get to help people. That was exactly what I was looking for in a career.”

Dr. Smith went on to receive his dental degree from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. He found that general dentistry provided the variability he was looking for in his work in addition to feeding his passions. “I like that I am able to provide such a wide variety of care,” he said. “And I love that I am getting the chance to make a difference in people’s lives.”

As he settles into Waunakee, Dr. Smith’s main focus is getting to know his patients on a personal level. He really wants to be a part of the Waunakee community and wants to learn from his patients more about it. “When talking with patients, my favorite thing to ask them is what brought them to Waunakee. Then I get to learn so much about both the patient and the community,” he stated.


Like any good team, Dr. Smith and his patients are working toward the same goal. He sometimes plays the role of “coach” as well, and is a strong advocate for maintaining the best oral health that you can. “The health of your mouth ties into your overall health. Keeping proper oral hygiene helps prevent major issues down the road that are not only limited to your mouth,” he stated.

You can join Dr. Smith’s “team,” no tryout required! Midwest Dental Waunakee is open Monday through Friday. Dr. Smith and the Midwest Dental team are now accepting new patients. They can be reached at (608) 849-4794 or online at