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Excellent relocation package that includes:

  • Moving stipends
  • Realtor & financial advisor introductions
  • State license costs fully covered
  • K–12 school tours
  • Paid early release termination
  • Local perks

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Great Benefits
for Great Dentists

dentist jobs - guaranteed salary

Guaranteed Salary

You'll be given an excellent, guaranteed salary and full benefits.

dentist jobs - signing bonus

Up to $50,000 Signing Bonus

Receive a signing bonus up to $50,000 right out of the gate just for joining the team.

dentist jobs - profit sharing

Profit Sharing

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to earn additional income from the practice's success.

dentist jobs - work/life balance

Work/Life Balance

Life's too short to be stuck in the office doing paperwork. With our support, you'll have more time to enjoy the things you love.

dentist jobs - continuing education

Enhanced Learning

As a dentist with Midwest Dental, you'll get free access to world-class continuing education courses.

dentist jobs - admin support

Administrative Support

We provide comprehensive support services, ensuring the practice runs smoothly while you focus on patient care.

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Nicole Long

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Nicole joined the doctor recruitment team in 2014. She focuses on new candidate sourcing and dental school relationships.


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