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Gale Coleman

Jun 08, 2021

Keep up the excellent work with the extremely friendly atmosphere. It's always a good feeling when I come for a visit.

Jorge Cassinelli

May 31, 2021

Brittany Guillotte

May 22, 2021

Everyone from the receptionist, dental assistants, and dentist were extremely nice! They explain everything so you are able understand.


May 18, 2021

The dentist here is so friendly and caring as is the dental hygienist is friendly and caring and does an excellent job as well. Been going here for years now and totally trust them.

Dave Ramirez

May 03, 2021

I would highly recommend this office! The staff is really nice and professional. They provided outstanding customer service! Thank you!

Lorraine Hubbard

Apr 06, 2021

I had a tooth filled. Quick and painless. The staff is excellent. Very efficient and friendly.

Mugahed Aldhaiah

Apr 02, 2021

This dentist and staff do an outstanding job! Everyone is so welcoming and always make me feel at ease. Great work, friendly and caring.

Elisia Mendez

Mar 24, 2021

Had a wonderful experience at Midwest Dental an extraction was done i had no pain meds no bruising rapid healing great assistant i recommend this great team . Sincerely isabel Mendez

Kim Montgomery

Mar 22, 2021

My husband and I both came to Dr. Altamimi for insurance reasons. Best dentist and staff every visit!

jolene eberhardt

Feb 25, 2021

Dr. Altameemi is a wonderful dentist. She listens to any concerns you may have. The staff is very friendly and it is a very welcoming environment.

jason wheeler

Feb 17, 2021

Aya Alazzawi

Feb 08, 2021

Elleinad Ilnets

Feb 04, 2021

Needed a new dentist and they accepted and helped me with an easy transition. Very friendly environment and great care provided.


Jan 27, 2021

Back in again to get the teeth cleaned. The staff are always pleasant. Always a great experience!

Haley Suarez

Jan 25, 2021

I took both my girls (3&5) here for the first time. Both girls loved everyone there. Everyone is kind, patient and very thorough. We love our new dentist!

Matthew McMeekan

Jan 20, 2021

Great place with a great environment. The doctor does an amazing job and makes you feel comfortable when your in the chair. The staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel welcomed.

George Schramm

Dec 01, 2020

Chet Smith

Nov 11, 2020

Christanne Schramm

Oct 16, 2020

Linda Cooper

Oct 08, 2020

I no longer "fret" my dentist appointment! The hygienists are gentle but thorough. Dr. Altameemi has a great "bedside manner" and is very skilled and professional . The receptionist is also pleasant and well-informed. I would highly recommend this facility.

manny ald.

Sep 29, 2020

Thank you for the excellent care! Very understanding and welcoming staff. Staff is very professional and and took very good care of my needs!

Andy O'Connor

Sep 16, 2020

Wonderful dentist! I have been to a lot of different dental offices and this one is the best!

Melissa Doe

Aug 13, 2020

Everyone is very friendly! And gets you in really quick!

Brittany Cassandra

Jul 21, 2020

Amanda Bethards

Jul 21, 2020

Dr. Altameemi, Aya and Nagmat where all so patient with my son! So people don't have the patience to work on kids, but they where amazing! So kind and willing to explain. I really appreciate them all so much!

Rebecca Brown

Jul 16, 2020

I have literally never had a better dentist in my entire life. I've done a a BUNCH of dentist hopping in my life and I must genuinely say that this Doctor is truly the best. We had a billing issue that the new receptionist, Amanda, worked tirelessly to help fix. All in all, I really don't think you can find a better dentist office in Northern IL. Everyone here that you interact with is caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. 10/10 I love this place as much as it's possible to love a dentist office.

David Kasmar

Mar 13, 2020

Natasha Pretzsch

Dec 18, 2019

Anne-Marie Green

Nov 19, 2019

Dr. A is a very calming force. Accommodating scheduling, professional service, modern office.

Rodger Foster

Oct 09, 2019

I would highly recommended Midwest Dental great staff and great Doctor!!!!


Sep 26, 2019

Such a good experience. The staff is so friendly and they do great work! Went in today for a cleaning and Ashley was very gentle and polite! Wound up having to have a filling.... luckily they had an opening immediately! V and Dr. Did an awesome and quick job on my filling! Highly recommend!!


Sep 03, 2019

Neglected my molars. I went in concerned about tarter buildup on my molars, the dentist was firm about taking x-rays on the molars. Refused to scrape. Even though my insurance covers 2 cleanings. Pictures are not dental work.

Aimee Aguirre

Aug 23, 2019

Katie is extremely gentle with cleaning , also keep you at ease with your oral hygiene. Vee is amazing dental assistant make laugh the entire time. Dr. Altameemi words can't describe her care of patients. Thank you for giving a beautiful smile with Invisalign

Sandy Beckman

Aug 21, 2019

Jessica Angell

Aug 13, 2019

If I could give them ZERO STARS I would! The dentist herself is AWESOME! However the receptionist does not know how to do her billing! She over charged me, waited for insurance to catch up and notify her AND THEN contacted me 2 months later to tell me She owes me a refund. They owed me $1700! Which took a month to give back to me. They want money up front , rob you and then wait for a 3rd party to pay you. This party has several issues with their system being down ( reason for delay, on payback) then, turned around and billed my husband under the wrong name AND claim number! Defintaely will not be back!

jocelyn laboy

Jun 11, 2019

Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for great dental health care. I personally have not been able to go to the dentist in years due to financial struggle but finally I was able to go in boy was I happy I choose this place. The dental hygienist was extremely delicate and patient along with Dr. ALTAMEEMI who performed a tooth extraction and made me feel very calm and I experienced NO PAIN!! The staff there was so nice and made me feel very welcome. Great place, would highly recommend if you want a quality care.

Jake Johnson

Dec 27, 2018

I went to Midwest Dental In Oct of 2018 for my yearly visit. I have not been to the dentist in over 4-5 years so I was having them do x-rays, look at a tooth that was hurting me, and cleaning (all covered by my dental insurance) I am there for over 2 hours for just X-rays and them to look at my teeth did no cleaning and wanted to set that up for another date and charge me more saying my insurance did not cover it which was a lie because I called to find out. They looked at the X-rays and found no issues. Less than 2 Months later 4 days before Christmas I end up with unbearable tooth pain, after going to another Dentist because I do not Trust MidWest Dental of Rochelle anymore. To find out I have 2 impacted wisdom teeth on the bottom one is crushed into another tooth and trying to push it out(which is the tooth Midwest wanted to Fill) and then on the top a tooth that has come in contact with another one causing it to push out sideways into my jaw. I how have an Infection and 4 teeth that have to be pulled because Midwest Dental was unable to read an X-Ray the correct way and said I was ok. I will never be going back here ever again for me or any of my family, this is the most incompetent Dentist I have ever been at or talked to. DO NOT GO HERE EVER, THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

Tina Breitwieser

Sep 19, 2018

I was thrilled with the care I received. Friendly, helpful staff. The dentist & assistant explained everything and made sure I understood it all. I felt very safe & cared for. The dentist was quiet & calm and helped me feel calm. Definitely going back !

Dustin Burtman

Aug 11, 2018

After a long 2.5 hour wait I got tired of waiting and left my appointment. Only to receive a ridiculously high bill for the work that was supposed to be done. Tried to dispute the bill for months, and eventually paid it anyways. Now today I get a late fee for a bill I paid?? I hope this $35 was worth the bad review and loss of business. Crooks!

Sarah Florian

Aug 02, 2018

I had a great experience. I was really nervous switching dentist but had to find one closer to Rochelle. Everyone was super nice and friendly! The doctor was very pleasant and very nice as well. I am so glad I was able to find a dentist closer to home! I will recommend everyone I come across to go to Midwest Dental. They are amazing!! :)

Rachel Cotrell

May 02, 2018

Took my daughter there for her first check up and they were so amazing with her so patient and kind! Would highly recommend to anyone to take their family to Midwest Dental.

Julio Lopez

Apr 07, 2018

Friendly staff, very thorough with explaining on my dental health plan. They listen to any questions I had and were able to fit me in spur of the moment at times I needed to get checked out for some adjustments. Couldn't ask for a better dentist

Mitch Montgomery

Feb 22, 2018

Friendly, professional , efficient, and up on the latest technology .

Cindy Goldman

Sep 16, 2017

Love the staff ! I feel comfortable with them and I don't mind going to the dentist anymore!

Katie Sheridan

Aug 07, 2017

Midwest dental always tried to sell me on products versus actually caring for my teeth. They broke all my appointments up so I had to come in several times, in some cases just to talk to meet with the dentist (not actually to work on my teeth). It was very inconvienient. I moved towns so I just went to a new dentist's office today. There is a huge cavity that I need filling that was apparently on my 2015 Midwest Dental xrays. I had no idea I had these cavities and they left them untreated. Last time I talked to Midwest they wanted me to spend $1200 on Invisalign versus treating my cavities.

Deno Deolal

Jul 05, 2017

Excellent service and attention from the staff, Dr Altameemi made me feel very comfortable during my visits.

Russell Myers (tin head)

Mar 08, 2017

Tom Windelborn

Sep 08, 2016

It had been a very very long time since I last went to the dentist (7-10 years), and I was experiencing some tooth pain. I went in, and the staff was incredibly friendly, from the receptionist, to the hygienists and doctor. I had quite a few cavities which needed attention, and they set up all of the appointments for my fillings right after my visit, as well as giving me a listing of how much it was going to cost me with my specific insurance. This was very helpful to me. Don't hesitate to use this location as your new dentist, they will not make you feel bad about your teeth, but they will help you to improve them.

Natalie Tyrrell-Martin

Apr 20, 2016

We were taken good care of yesterday. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. My girls learned a lot while under the doctor's care.

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