was a pleasant experience. everyone was so cordial and took care of my needs right away. thank you so much.

on Dec 30, 2016

Thank you for the prompt service.

on Dec 23, 2016

First off I'd like to say I've been coming here with Dr Rubash and he was great, It was when he retired and they brought in some old lady who was previously retired and came back to fill in until they found a new doctor. So I had two appointments scheduled for fillings I went to my first appointment and when she injected me with the numbing medicine she was very rough about it and didn't really put any topical numbing on it prior like she should've. Never during the whole appointment did she ask me once how are you doing? you doing okay? Bad experience first time. I mentioned to a lot of my friends how harsh she was with the needle. Okay so I went a week later for my next appointment. The lady who was working as the doctors helper was very nice (sorry don't remember her name) She asked me how I was doing and I said I was dreading the needle again since last time was so painful. The doctor came in but didn't really conversate one bit, very unpersonable. She came in 15 minutes late and said oh I don't know If i'll get time for all the fillings today. I told the lady helping that the reason i need them all done today is for my insurance coverage. So because shes running late on her appointments is my fault and gives her a reason not to finish what she was scheduled to do. As she looked around in my mouth she said okay are you going to be twitching all the time because if there is a problem we need to discuss it. the lady working with her mentioned "well she said you hurt her last time so maybe that's why shes twitching" The lady doctor said well you need to stop moving or I cant do your fillings. So once again the doctor didn't put much topical numbing prior the injection so it was extremely painful. When she started grinding on my teeth it hurt so bad, I jumped and flinched more than I ever have. She never once stopped she just kept grinding.I don't think the numbing was completely set in when she started grinding. The entire time she was working, not once did she ask me how I was doing or am I doing okay. Then she was just rude as ever when she kepted telling me to move my face or open my mouth bigger. Then the thing that really pushed me over the edge. So I was supposed to have 3 white fillings and 1 silver. She was going to do 2 silver on the last two teeth when the lady who was helping said no, I know she wanted 3 white and one silver. The doctor said well its cheaper and you wont see it so I recommend doing silver on the last two. So I said that's fine. After she started putting it in, she started talking with the lady helper on how silver causes memory loss over time and how she would never ever put silver fillings in her childrens teeth or grandchildrens teeth how she will only do white fillings on her family till the day she dies. REALLY??? after you just told me to put silver in my mouth, you sit there and talk about how it can cause memory loss and how you would never put silver in your familys mouth?? what is wrong with you? do you know anything about customer service?? This old lady doctor is the worst dentist I have ever encountered and she needs to get out of customer service ASAP. There's a reason you retired and if your that miserable with your life that you have to come back to work to make someone else's life miserable then you need to get out of this profession!!!! WORST EXPERIANCE EVER!! I've had better papsmear experiances than with this old lady! I will never ever be back to this practice and I will spread the word. I hope you find a new doctor who enjoys the work they do!!

on Dec 21, 2016

Was very happy with my visit and the services provided to me. Staff was very professional and explained things well. Would recommend their service.

on Dec 07, 2016

All I can say is, THANK YOU!!! everything went very well, everyone was a huge help. The services are great as well as the prices, a lot better prices here at midwest dental new lisbon than anywhere else!!!

on Dec 06, 2016

Everything was great and very informative and professional!

on Dec 03, 2016

I would prefer the options of pain free. Hygienist was great though and the interim dr great also

on Dec 03, 2016

Friendly, professional staff.

on Dec 02, 2016

Excellent Dental Care

on Dec 01, 2016

The doctor and tech were very caring and understanding, but you would think that the office would be completly stocked. I was having work for a crown done and they did not have any oxygen so no gas. I am a very tense paitient and it made the whole experiance so many time more stressful than it needed to be. Yes they offered to reschdule my appointment but it's hard enough to walk in the dentists office for me. As I said the Dentist and tech were great. I'm just disappointed that the office is short sited in not having back up supplies and in my mind that is the difference between average and above average.

on Nov 16, 2016

I tried to explain to the new dentist that I needed stronger novacane. She kept telling me it was the pressure the grinding of the drill. I stopped her and said it was pain. I never lost a baby tooth naturally so I know those feelings and this was pain. She finally gave me more numbing meds and let the extra run down the back of my throat. I had to stop her a second time because she had my lip wrapped around my tooth and was pressing her tool on it pinching me. She appeared very annoyed by that and the fact that I have so much saliva in my mouth. I never had these issues with dr. Rubash. Please listen to your patient. I have to go back and have to filling finished because she ran out of time. I'm very reluctant right now.

on Nov 12, 2016

Administrative staff very friendly, professional and capable, as is the hygienist I've been with for 8 years. I actually enjoy my visits there.

on Nov 09, 2016

I was very pleased with my visit!

on Nov 08, 2016

Always friendly, professional and helpful

on Nov 08, 2016

I had a tooth extraction yesterday and the dentist and the staff are awesome!

on Oct 28, 2016

Every thing went as expected.

on Oct 26, 2016

Jennifer is the best! I usually hate going but she makes is a good experience.

on Oct 26, 2016

Once again....excellent service and staff. Pain free and excellent work. Loved the new dentist, Dr. Burns. She is very kind and thorough. Thank you for providing outstanding service for our community.

on Oct 18, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised, I had received a coupon in the mail to receive an exam, x-rays, and a cleaning or prophylaxis for $89.00. I had all the work done and it cost me $89,00, for everything the coupon stated, with no added charges! This usually costs around $300.00. I was very happy with my experience at Midwest Dental and plan to go back for fillings. I have no dental insurance, so receiving the post card in the mail with this special on it, really helped me out. Also Robin was very nice ! Thank you, Marsha

on Oct 05, 2016

Fabulous as always! Thanks, Jennifer and Dr. Burge!

on Oct 05, 2016

Everything went well and always enjoy having Jennifer work with me.

on Oct 04, 2016

Got me right in. That was a big thanks you. I really appreciate that!

on Sep 29, 2016

Dr. Rubash is always polite and professional and eases the anxiety of going to the dentist.

on Sep 23, 2016

Other than the cleaning taking a bit longer, the experience was great!

on Sep 15, 2016

Always a Friendly Atmosphere !! Very helpful!

on Sep 15, 2016

It looks like you’re trying to reschedule your appointment.

Please call for appointment changes.

Thank you!

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