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Midwest Dental is seeking great dentists to provide dental care as temporary locum tenens at our practices throughout the country. If you're looking to practice on a short-term basis without committing to a full-time job, we have rewarding opportunities available to keep your schedule (and your wallet) full.

Great Benefits for Great Locum Dentists

Flexible Schedule

At Midwest Dental, we're committed to providing you with a satisfying work-life balance, and we'll work closely with you to establish a schedule that accommodates your lifestyle.

No Long-Term Commitments

No extensive contracts or obligations here. Whether it's one week or several years, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're in control of how long you want to work.

Practice Selection

Midwest Dental has numerous practices in regions throughout the Midwest and across the country. Wherever you are, there's a good chance we have several practices nearby to keep you as busy as you're ready to be.

Excellent Compensation

Regardless of how long you plan to work, you'll enjoy a very attractive wage.

Mileage & Lodging Reimbursement

If any of our locum positions require a longer commute, we'll cover your travel and lodging expenses.

Administrative Support

While working at one of our practices, you'll benefit from comprehensive administrative support services. Come in, practice dentistry, and leave, without worrying about paperwork.

Career Opportunities in your area

Opportunities available across the country

Stephanie Morgan

Doctor Onboarding Specialist

Stephanie Morgan

Doctor Onboarding Specialist

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